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Perinatal Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Teacher

For years I followed the most common unspoken rule for mums – if you’re struggling, don’t talk about it.

For some of us, pregnancy and early parenting can be A LOT harder than we expect, however wanted our baby is.

With high expectations, social norms and going against our maternal instinct comes fear, anxiety, trauma and feeling emotionally unbalanced.

I know with the right support, tools and education, we can get through anything, as long as we have compassion and a safe place to explore our most difficult thoughts and fears.

What I offer is a safe space for you to explore these fears by helping you understand your body, the system and most importantly yourself. I teach and guide parents to help build their confidence, feel calm and reassured.  This way they can truly have a positive pregnancy, birth and transition based on their own unique situation.

Having a baby is one of the most exciting but also the can be the most overwhelming times of our life. You look around and see other mums having an amazing journey which may even look ‘easy’, but realise it’s not that simple for you.

You're Here Because...

✨ You’re struggling to get to grips with the changes happening to you or your life.

✨ You’ve experienced loss or infertility which is making you constantly worry and stress and feel a huge range of emotions, from gratitude to guilt. 

✨ You’ve suffered a traumatic birth or have a history of anxiety, depression which is affecting your pregnancy or parenting journey.

✨ You’re finding everything so hard and aren’t enjoying your pregnancy or motherhood as much as you thought you would (or should!)

I don’t offer a magic pill to deal and don’t promise that things will be perfect (because it never is) ! What I DO offer is compassion, guidance, mentorship and support so you can feel more calm, confident, in control and know how to manage your emotions and anxieties. I use a combination of counselling skills, antenatal & postpartum education, strategies to manage anxiety and emotions as well as my own experience of overcoming the worst.

How I help...

If you’re having a stressful pregnancy, feeling scared of birth, or struggling to deal with your negative thoughts and emotions, I’ll help you work through it.

If you’ve had your baby and are finding being a mum hard, forgotten who you are or feel like you’re not good enough.

We’ll create a safe space where you can completely unload so you can feel lighter and clearer so we can implement simple strategies so stop them controlling you. I’ll also teach you how your body works, what to expect during birth and after, as well as effective tools to help you stay relaxed. 

I’ll help you to process your emotions, overcome your struggles and understand yourself and your baby better so you can be a confident, calm and postive.

” I cannot speak highly enough of the support offered by Manisha following the birth of my second son. She is approachable, friendly, caring and incredibly skilled at what she does. I would highly recommend to any new or existing mums struggling to get to grips with the emotional change that motherhood brings..” 

About Me...

I struggled for 4 years to have my boys but one thing I wasn’t expecting was the challenges I faced when I had them WITH the conflicted feelings I had. There was no support or awareness of what I was going through but instead high expectations to be ‘perfect’ and a ‘super-mum’. I suffered with PND and Postpartum Anxiety, which led to my physical health completely deteriorating leaving me with chronic migraines. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, I felt ashamed so I didn’t get help until there was no choice, nearly 2 years on.

I’m now dedicated to supporting mums using evidence-based education, effective techniques and non-judgemental support. Every mum deserves the opportunity to have a positive pregnancy, calm birth, and build a relationship with their children that works for them. Without the mum-guilt. 

My focus ...

I specialise in helping parents who are anxious, overwhelmed and feeling a range of emotions; especially but not exclusively those who are pregnant or parenting after loss and/or infertility.

With my experience of being a doula, antenatal & postpartum education, hypnobirthing and counselling training, I have combined my skills and spent the last 2 years helping dozens of parents in this situation. 

I’n now also in my final year of counselling training, where I’ll be doing my placement with a local infant loss charity.