For years I lived a life of contradiction… I followed the most common unspoken rule for mums – if you’re struggling, don’t talk about it.

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life, the problem is no one told you how hard and overwhelming it can be. Before having your baby, you thought it was going to be nothing but amazing, you probably didn’t even think about the actual birth and thought motherhood would come naturally to you.

Now you’re here, you’re anxious, overwhelmed and realised… it’s not that simple.

Manisha Sheth | Muslim Doula | Nurturing Mama




I’m Manisha and I support mums and their mental health from pregnancy to toddler-hood.

Maybe this is your first baby and although you feel you’re overwhelmed with the changes happening to you or your life, you think there’s nothing you can do about it.

Maybe you’ve had a previous challenging or traumatic experience and although you want it to be different this time, you don’t think it can be.

Maybe you’re finding everything so hard and aren’t enjoying motherhood as much as you thought…making you feel guilty.

I want to tell you something I wished I said to myself years ago…

It doesn’t have to be this way!

I don’t offer a magic pill to deal with your anxieties and don’t promise that things will be perfect (it never is)! What I DO offer is compassion, guidance and support so you can feel more in control, confident in your choices and learn to manage your anxieties.

If you’re having a stressful pregnancy, feeling anxious or scared of birth, or confused about your choices, I’ll help you work through it. I’ll teach you how your body works, as well as effective tools to stay relaxed. I’ll also help you to understand your choices better so you can have a positive start to your relationship with your baby.

If you’ve had you’re baby in the last couple of years and are finding being a mum hard, forgotten who you are or feel like you’re not good enough. I’ll help you to process your emotions, overcome your struggles and understand yourself and your baby better so you can be a confident, guilt-free mum.

” I cannot speak highly enough of the support offered by Manisha following the birth of my second son. She is approachable, friendly, caring and incredibly skilled at what she does. I would highly recommend to any new or existing mums struggling to get to grips with the emotional change that motherhood brings..” Amazing mumpreneur of 2

Through my own challenges I faced when I had my 3 boys, I found there was a huge lack of support for mums as well as high expectations to be ‘perfect’ and a ‘super-mum’. With these combined, I’ve seen how it’s increased the rates of maternal mental health conditions.

I’m now dedicated to supporting mums using evidence-based education, effective techniques and non-judgemental support. Every mum deserves the opportunity to have a positive birth as well create a relationship with their children that works for them. Without the mum-guilt.

My focus is on your emotional and mental well-being. I’ve trained as a KG Hypnobirthing and a Real Birth Teacher, which are both accredited by The Royal College of Midwives. I’ve also done additional training in Aromatherapy, Postnatal Depression, Managing Anxiety as well as my current training to be a Qualified Counsellor.

In a world where there’s so much information on what you should and shouldn’t do to have a ‘good’ birth and a be a ‘good’ mum, I look at YOU. I provide all-round, non-judgemental and holistic support so you can have a calm birth experience and transition positively after.

Most importantly, I give you the confidence to be the mum you want to be.