Birth Anxiety ➡ Baby Calm Group Programme

Birth and having a baby is a life-changing experience but the thought of it can be filled with stress, anxiety and fear. Especially if this is your first baby or you’ve had a previous difficult or traumatic experience.

It’s important that you feel calm, confident and empowered (yes, it’s possible!) so that your body can work as effectively as possible during birth and you can recover well afterwards.

The Birth Anxiety ➡ Baby Calm Programme will give you the knowledge, techniques and guidance to do just that. It’s a 3-week group course combined with a group coaching session and 2 x 1:1 sessions with me.

It’s not just an antenatal course – this will prepare you for birth, having a baby & give you continuous care and support until 3 months after your little one arrives. I’ve put together the best of antenatal & postpartum education, hypnobirthing and mental health as well mentoring you & your birth partner. By the end, you’ll feel excited about your big day & be prepared for your recovery and transition with your newborn.

By the end of the programme you'll know how to...

🌸 Be confident about how birth and how your body works

🌸 Breathe effectively to reduce pain & shorten labour

🌸 Release your inner fear and feel calm throughout labour 

🌸 Teach your body how to actively relax

🌸 Stay in control no matter what the situation brings

🌸 Feel confident about your recovery & starting life with your newborn

You'll also...

🌸 Have a confident birth partner who can support you at every stage

🌸 Learn to speak to your midwife and make choices that are right for you

🌸 Know what to expect in the 4th Trimester with you & baby

🌸 Get continuous support from me AFTER the course

🌸 Be part of your own tribe of like-minded parents-to-be

So How Will I Help You Get There?

Nurturing mama - pregnancy | antenatal | birth coach | UK

You’ll be given unlimited access to The Online Real Birth Workshop, an interactive course that you can go through at your own pace, where you’ll learn about how birth REALLY works. Everything you need to know, including the pelvic floor & muscles, birth hormones, stages of labour, birth positions, birth partner’s role, and your baby’s adjustment to their new world (95% of those who did this course positively changed their outlook on birth).

Nurturing mama - pregnancy anxiety coach

We’ll have 3 weekly classes, where I’ll answer all of your questions and teach you hypnobirthing, breathing techniques, communication, as well as everything you need to know about your recovery, the 4th Trimester & what to expect from a newborn. Each session will also end in a calming relaxation script and all books and course notes are included.


Your questions answered

How hypnobirthing works

Power of the mind

Language and how to use it

Effective breathing techniques



Due dates & induction

Communicating with your midwife

Birth partner’s role at each stage

Coaching you on using relaxation scripts

Birth preferences

✨ SESSION  3 ✨

Postpartum symptoms & healing

Matrescence & Mental health 

Baby’s transition womb – world

Breastfeeding & bonding

Dad’s role & bonding

Practical postpartum planning

Pregnancy anxiety coaching - nurturing mama uk

We won’t stop there!

We’ll have another 90 min group session to keep you connected and give you an opportunity to talk through any post-course questions you have.

You’ll also get continuous support in an exclusive Facebook Group, which means, you can ask me any questions you have as well as keep in touch with everyone else from the programme.

That’s not all! We’ll also have 2 x 60-min 1:1 catch-ups:  1 near your due date to settle any last-minute anxieties and 1 in the first few weeks after birth to make sure you’re transitioning well.

Here are the deets...


 10am – 1pm


 10am – 1pm


 10am – 1pm


90 min post-course session 10-11.30am to reconnect and settle any worries

1:1 60min MENTORING

Between 35-40 weeks pregnancy to settle last minute anxieties

1:1 60min MENTORING

Between 1-8 weeks after birth to make sure you’re transitioning well

What do my previous clients have to say?

“Just completed the Birth Fear to Birth Calm course and it was amazing! We were so anxious and unprepared for the birth of our 1st baby, but the course and working with Manisha has helped both my husband and I to feel much calmer and better prepared. Lots of great content in the course, including really useful and practical information on using aromatherapy. Thank you Manisha! “


” Manisha is a great Hypnobirthing Instructor. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Manisha made my husband feel at ease and very much part of the Birth plan. Classes were enjoyable which made learning a pleasant experience. Looking forward to working with Manisha after the birth of our little one.” 


” We had private 121’s with Manisha and she was able to explain everything in a way that helped me visualise the experience of birth on a whole new level and give me the confidence to take control. Whilst we didn’t know it at the time of the course, the current situation caused a few things in our birth plan to become unavailable to us – however, with all the technique I had learnt, it meant I could still have a fantastic birth and was able to deliver naturally w/o pain relief. It was such a positive experience and I’m confident that this course went a long way to support that. Would definitely recommend! “

Investment = £259. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a payment plan, please click here to get in touch and book a call.