Birth & Postnatal Doula

The body undergoes many physiological and physical changes through pregnancy and birth and after so it’s important that you receive continuous support; physically and mentally.

I provide Birth Doula Services for expectant parents in East Midlands & parts of West Midlands, and Postnatal Doula services in Nottingham. 

BIRTH DOULA - Supported by 2 Doulas

Are you first-time mum or had a previously had a negative birth? Do you need someone to support you throughout your pregnancy as well as be with you during birth?

Pregnancy and giving birth is one of the most amazing experiences but it can come with a lot of anxiety or stress.

I have teamed up with another experienced doula, Anna, so you get support from 2 doulas. You’ll get continuity of care, guidance and non-judgemental, tailored support throughout your journey so you can feel confident about your choices, calm during birth and transition positively after.

We understand that every mother and every pregnancy is different, so we’re here to listen to your birth wishes, equip with the tools to reduce your anxieties, and work with you so that you can feel calm, confident and in control. Not all births go to plan so we will guide you during birth, so you can make choices that are right for you and your family.

Anna specialises in birth physiology, birthrights and breastfeeding as well as being a trained practitioner of Spinning Babies.

I specialise in hypnobirthing, anxiety management,  postpartum support, as well as being trained in Aromatherapy for Childbirth.

What’s Included?

You’ll get 3 antenatal and 2 postnatal sessions (at least 2 hours each) as well as continuous support from both of us until 6 weeks after birth. If you go passed 41 weeks, we’ll also make additonal visits at week 41 and 42 as well using holistic and natural ways to encourage labour to start, such as Spinning Babies positions and aromatherapy. 

We will also be on-call from 38 weeks until your little one arrives, and one of us will be there holding your hand and supporting you (and your other half) during labour, to help you feel calm, confident and empowered.

Investment – £800

“Manisha’s knowledge of aromatherapy and hypnobirthing was so helpful and allowed me to have a pain free, drug free home birth.” First-time, single mum


Had a baby recently and feeling absolutely exhausted? Do you need someone to help you adjust and recover after birth? Struggling with breastfeeding or managing a your older children with a newborn?

Your body also undergoes many emotional and physiological changes through pregnancy, birth and after so it’s important that you get continuous support to help you recover.

I offer Postpartum Doula services with a difference, using my knowledge of breastfeeding, sleep, newborn behaviour and mental health.

I will be that extra pair of hands, giving you emotional and practical support to adjust to life after birth, so you’re be able to take your time, rest and recover fully after birth.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a village anymore, but mums still need that support. Whether this is your 1st or 6th baby, I’ll help you with your newborn, self-care and managing day-to-day life so you can have a positive transition.

What Can I Expect?

You’ll get in-person hands-on support  to help you and your baby build a strong relationship as well as your whole family. Whether it’s helping with baby care, breastfeeding support, holding your baby while you shower or taking your first trip out, I’m there for you.

I work with families within Nottingham, where you can book in a 2-hour session:

Investment – £23 per hour (min 2 hours) or £420 for 20 hours

” I trust Manisha implicitly and feel so much more confident in my abilities as a new mum thanks to her. She is also friendly, professional and very approachable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any mum to be or new mum ” Dedicated first-time mum

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