Parenting Prep & Wellbeing Support

So you can be prepared and confident working together in your parenting journey

Families can spend a lot of time thinking and preparing about the birth and even looking after a newborn but frequently forget to discuss the changes in family dynamics and differences in parenting styles.

So many of my clients come to me the 2nd time round after the challenges they faced the first time that they were completely unprepared for. I’m not talking about  nappy-changing or how hard things will be with the lack of sleep but about co-parenting, expectations, boundaries and family dynamics.

Parenting wellbeing sessions are all about putting parents back on to same page as working as a team before and after your little one arrives.

This is for you if...

✨ You’re pregnant and not sure how your family dynamics will change once the baby arrives

✨ You’re finding you and your partner already disagreeing with parenting styles

✨ You or your partner are struggling to feel heard by each other

✨ You’re feeling anxious about how having a baby will affect your relationship

✨ You had a tough time adjusting with a previous baby and want to have open conversations now

✨ You’re getting into disagreements on how to parent the best way for your family

✨ You’re both arguing over who’s more tired or had a harder day

“Working with Manisha has helped both my husband and I to feel much better and empowered”

Imagine how it would feel to...

✨ Be on the same page with your partner about parenting?

✨ Have the space to openly discuss parenting choices in a healthy way?

✨ Set the foundation of parenting before your baby arrives?

✨ Learn to communicate with compassion and understanding, without getting defensive?

✨ Say what you feel and how you want your family to be without judgement?

✨ Have and manage realistic expectations of each other as well as those around you?

“Communication was easy, Manisha was readily available and accommodated us in all things we needed support with. Thanks again Manisha for all the support!”

So How Can I Help You Get There?

I offer a person-centered approach that will be unique to each couple. You bring your worries and anxieties to the table and we’ll work through them without judgment or becoming defensive.

This is not couples therapy, however, I do bring along my skills as a counsellor together with my knowledge and experience of postnatal depression (in both parents), newborn behaviour, breastfeeding and early parenting.

We’ll explore individual concerns and expectations and bring together with your partner’s to gain a clearer understanding of each other. So you don’t have to go down the route so many parents have gone down, where you’re fighting over who’s more tired and who’s working harder.

It might be uncomfortable, it might be difficult but it’s extremely powerful in helping you start your relationship with your newborn from a place of strength, compassion and understanding.

“If you’re feeling worried or unsure about what to expect, Manisha is the person to go to! She is passionate, knowledgable and calm.”

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