Keeping It Calm - Perinatal Emotional Wellbeing

So you can feel calm, confident & reassured during a time of overwhelm & anxiety.

Expecting & having a baby is an incredible journey but it can also be filled with overwhelm and anxiety, especially after previous loss, infertility and/or trauma.

You might be feeling happy, grateful and exited but you’re also feeling anxious, guilty and overwhelmed. Whether it’s because you’ve previously experienced loss, been through infertility / IVF or had a traumatic birth  – you’re dealing with a whole range of emotions that many don’t understand. 

🌸 You’re feeling guilty, grateful, scared and excited all at the same time.

🌸 You can’t help constantly worrying if your baby is OK.

🌸 You’re stressed about the uncertainty of what this journey will bring.

🌸 You’re scared of coping emotionally, mentally or physically during pregnancy or after birth.

🌸 You’re feeling overwhelmed with the changes that are happening to your life and your body.

I’m here to help be your anchor during this journey.

This is for you if...

✨ You’re pregnant after loss, infertility or previous trauma

✨ You’ve had a positive pregnancy test but you’re having mixed emotions and struggling to feel the joy you expected or wanted

✨ You’re filled with anxiety and are constantly worried and looking for reassurance

✨ You have a history of anxiety or depression and need extra support from someone specialised in pregnancy, birth & early parenting

✨ You had PND last time and want to get the support you need so you can prepare for and manage it this time

✨ You’re struggling with exhaustion and dealing with the emotional and physical changes

✨ You’re feeling overwhelmed with it all and questioning whether you’re ‘good enough’ 

✨ For whatever reason, you’re struggling to connect with your baby and filled with guilt

I would highly recommend to any new or existing mums struggling to get to grips with the emotional change that motherhood brings.” 

Imagine how it would feel to...

✨ Go through this journey feeling calm and positive without questioning everything and searching for reassurance on Google?

✨ Have the tools to stop those anxious thoughts in their tracks and stop that domino effect anxiety can have?

✨ Have strategies in place to slow down that rollercoaster and feel emotionally balanced?

✨ Felt free to talk to someone openly and without judgment so you can confront those negative thoughts and feelings?

✨ Be confident enough to make choices that are right for you, without the guilt or second-guessing yourself?

✨ Calm the overwhelm and finally start enjoying this journey?

Manisha is approachable, friendly, caring and incredibly skilled at what she does.” 

So How Can I Help You Get There?

Bringing together my counselling training together with my experience as an antenatal & hypnobirthing teacher and doula, I’ll be there to guide you and hold your hand, throughout your pregnancy and after.

Using a person-centred approach, I’m here to support you and your family in a way that you need, whether that’s through talking about your emotions, managing anxious thoughts, or working with you and your partner to transition to the next phase. It’s tailored to you.

I offer real, authentic connection that can be difficult to find from those around you. You’ll receive an open and non-judgemental space to completely unload and openly talk about the uncomfortable feelings you have and we’ll work together to overcome challenges.

I’ll be the empathetic listening ear and a safe space for you to say what’s on your mind, and be really heard. It will also help you to connect with yourself, explore what’s going on beyond the surface, so that you can learn to manage your thoughts and anxieties in the long-term.

I trust Manisha implicitly and feel so much more confident in my abilities as a new mum thanks to her. She is also friendly, professional and very approachable.” 

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