Postpartum Anxiety & Emotional Coach

Motherhood is the most amazing but also the most challenging journey we go through. Our bodies and minds go through so many incredible changes over such a short period of time, it can all be pretty overwhelming. 

The overload of information out there, mum-guilt and perfected Insta pics of super mums don’t help. I know how overwhelming and challenging those first couple of years are. It doesn’t help that we now live without the support of our relatives and community and most of the support that is out is usually for your baby. 

Postpartum Coaching is for you if...

✨ You love you’re baby but you don’t feel like you thought you would 

✨  You have a history of anxiety and/or depression and need help to calm your thoughts 

✨ You’re struggling with exhaustion and/or managing the emotional and physical changes

✨ You’re feeling overwhelmed with all the ‘what ifs’ and questioning whether you’re ‘good enough’ 

✨ You’re overloaded with information and other people’s opinions and finding it hard to make the right choices for you

Imagine how it would feel to...

✨ Have a safe, non-judgemental space to clear your mind and unravel your thoughts by talking about what’s actually going with you

✨ Get the emotional support you need address your stresses and worries so you can start enjoying motherhood

✨ Stop your constant ‘what ifs’ and mum-guilt become overwhelming so you feel more calm and confident

✨ Get support to manage the rollercoaster of emotions that have come with having a baby

✨ Stop comparing yourself to others and start enjoying your baby without losing YOU

So How Can I Help You Get There?

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Postpartum SOS

This is a single 60-min session, either by phone or video-call that you can book in whenever you need it. We’ll work through whatever is going with you at the time and unload your stresses and worries so you can feel calmer and lighter. With anxiety management techniques, talking therapy and my knowledge of breastfeeding, newborn behaviour and postpartum recovery, I will help you through whatever it is you’re struggling with and create a plan so you can feel more confident and positive.

The investment is £59

Nurturing mama - pregnancy anxiety coach

Mum Anxiety ➡ Mum Calm

This is a 6 week programme if you’re struggling with anxiety, mum-guilt and/or managing your emotions and need guidance and mentorship from someone who has the skills but also has experienced and overcome it. We’ll have 3 fortnightly sessions together, as well as continuous message support throughout –  giving you a safe space to unload your thoughts, anxieties and emotions and find clarity on what’s going on beneath the surface. We’ll also explore different strategies you can use, tailored to you, so you can manage your anxieties after our sessions are finished, leaving with confidence to take the steps you need to feeling much calmer.

The investment is £279 and payment plans are available.

What do my previous clients have to say?

” Manisha helped and supported me a lot after giving birth and was very keen to go out of her way to make things easier for me or to get hold of information I needed. She also gave me a lot of useful advice that helped me with baby and with my older children. “


“I cannot speak highly enough of the support offered by Manisha. She is approachable, friendly, caring and incredibly skilled at what she does. I would highly recommend to any new or existing mums struggling to get to grips with the emotional change that motherhood brings.”


“I would certainly recommend Manisha to anyone who is pregnant or has just given birth. She is very caring, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I had such an amazing experience having her help, guidance and encouragement through pregnancy, birth and after. Thank you so much.”

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