Pregnancy After Loss & Infertility Support

Unique, tailored, holistic support to help you take one step at a time

Being pregnant after loss and infertility can be a really overwhelming experience – having the feelings of joy and gratitude, together with guilt, fear and anxiety. Pregnancy comes with its own roller coaster, however after loss and infertility, it can be much more difficult to manage.

My journey with working with mums after infertility and loss came in 2019, when I found the majority of the mums who experience anxiety in pregnancy have been through this. I also remember how my anxiety stemmed from my first pregnancy, after 4 years of infertility which gradually led to my breakdown after my 3rd. I’ve also work with 2 baby loss charities, and have found helping these families is something really close to my heart.

I understand that it can come with a desire to be happy and enjoy the pregnancy but also daily anxiety of something going wrong. It can also come with you finding it difficult to accept the pregnancy or bond with your baby. Making preparations and going to scans can be filled with anxiety; and the thought of ‘moving on’ from your loss or not enjoying this pregnancy after so long of trying, can be filled with guilt and shame.

Your experience is unique and challenging. There is no right or wrong and there’s no manual on how do deal with it.

Since finding that 90% of my clients are pregnant after loss or infertility, this is the area that I have found myself specialising in. The offer I support is unique to each client. It consists of a combination of counselling, anxiety management, antenatal education, hypnobirthing and postpartum prep – all in a pace that works for you. We will talk through and explore difficult and challenging emotions in a safe space, work together to validate and accept them and take steps that feel right for you.

“ Manisha’s understanding and guidance, along with practical advice  helped me to feel supported and rationalise my worries. I would definitely recommend.” 

“ The bespoke support and understanding/reassurance Manisha provided helped me through a very difficult patch in my pregnancy ” 

“I’ve had a stressful pregnancy so far and found our meetings to be an indispensable part of getting through the first trimester”

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