Pregnancy Anxiety Coaching

So you can feel calm, reassured and have a positive pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredible journey but it can also be filled with overwhelm, anxiety and a rollercoaster of emotions. The body and mind go through so many changes, it can come as quite a shock and for some of as, it’s far from enjoyable.

I get it, you’re happy to be pregnant but you’re also feeling incredibly anxious. Whether it’s because you’ve suffered a previous loss, been through an infertility / IVF or are having a difficult pregnancy – you’re experiencing overwhelm, worry and stress. 

You can’t help constantly worrying if your baby is OK. You’re stressed about the uncertainty of what this pregnancy will bring. You’re scared you won’t be able to cope with your mental health either during pregnancy or after birth. Any of this sound familiar?

Pregnancy Anxiety Coaching is for you if...

✨ You’ve had a positive pregnancy test but you’re having mixed emotions and struggling to feel the joy you expected

✨ You’re filled with anxiety due to a previous loss or infertility and are constantly worried and looking for reassurance

✨ You have a history of anxiety or depression and need extra support from someone specialised in pregnancy & birth 

✨ You had PND last time and are worried about how having another baby will affect you

✨ For whatever reason, you’re struggling to connect with your baby and are overwhelmed with guilt

Imagine how it would feel to...

✨ Have a safe, non-judgemental space to clear your mind and unravel your thoughts by talking about what’s actually going with you

✨ Get the emotional support you need to face your fears and anxieties and start enjoying your pregnancy

✨ Stop the constant worries and ‘what ifs’ becoming overwhelming and feel more positive and excited

✨ Get support to manage the rollercoaster of emotions that have come with this pregnancy

✨ Stop relying on Google and Facebook groups for reassurance and learn to manage your symptoms of anxiety

So How Can I Help You Get There?

Nurturing mama - pregnancy | antenatal | birth coach | UK


As you might know, relaxation is much easier said than done. Having struggled with anxiety for years and now being able to regularly manage my symptoms, I completely get it! The thing is, you need to teach your mind and body to relax so you can have a calm pregnancy and transition after.

I will help you to actively manage the anxiety and implement strategies to help you calm yourself, mentally and physiologically. 

Nurturing mama - pregnancy anxiety coach


One common thing I hear from anxious mums is how lonely they feel, even if they have family and friends around. You need real, authentic connection which comes from talking to someone who really understands. Someone who’s able to provide an open and non-judgemental space for you to completely unload.

I offer an empathetic listening ear and a safe space for you to say what’s on your mind and be really heard. It will also help you to connect with yourself, explore what’s going on beyond the surface, so that you can learn to manage your thoughts.

Pregnancy anxiety coaching - nurturing mama uk


When you’re struggling with your daily thoughts riddled with shame and guilt, it’s hard to get compassion from others who don’t really understand. They mean well, but can’t offer you the support you need. Receiving real compassion is essential for your emotional wellbeing, especially during pregnancy and after birth.

I’m here to provide the compassion you need as well as teach you how to be more self-compassionate so that you can manage those conflicting thoughts that come with anxiety.

What do my previous clients have to say?

“I cannot speak highly enough of the support offered by Manisha. She is approachable, friendly, caring and incredibly skilled at what she does. I would highly recommend to any new or existing mums struggling to get to grips with the emotional change that motherhood brings.”


“I would certainly recommend Manisha to anyone who is pregnant or has just given birth. She is very caring, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I had such an amazing experience having her help, guidance and encouragement through pregnancy, birth and after. Thank you so much.”


“If you’re feeling worried or unsure about what to expect, Manisha is the person to go to! She is passionate, knowledgeable and calm.”



A 60-min session, either by phone or Zoom that you can book in whenever you need it. We’ll work through whatever is going with you at the time and unload your stresses and worries so you can feel calmer and lighter. With anxiety management techniques, talking therapy as well as my knowledge of pregnancy, hypnobirthing, birth and postpartum recovery, I will help you through whatever it is you’re struggling with and create a plan so you can leave feeling more confident and positive.



A 6-week programme to help manage your thoughts and emotions, get guidance and implement simple strategies to manage your anxiety. You’ll have you a safe space to regularly unload and process your thoughts and anxieties and find a lot of clarity on what’s going on with you. We’ll also explore different strategies, tailored to you, so you can manage you can have a calm pregnancy:

3 x 1:1 fortnightly sessions on Zoom

Emails with action plan & strategies after each session

Ongoing and regular message support throughout

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a payment plan, please click here to get in touch and book a call.



Continuous support until 12 weeks after birth. We’ll have regular 1:1 sessions throughout – focusing on YOU and YOUR situation. Using a combination of talking therapy, coping strategies, hypnobirthing, anxiety management techniques and mentoring – you’ll feel calm, confident and in control. Also, as an experienced and certified antenatal/hypnobirthing teacher and birth/postpartum doula – you won’t need to go anywhere else (especially not Google!)

5 x 1:1 pregnancy sessions

3 x 1:1 postpartum sessions 

£70 off 1:1 Birth Anxiety ➡ Baby Calm Course

Ongoing and regular message support throughout

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a payment plan, please click here to get in touch and book a call.

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