Pregnancy & Birth Anxiety Coach

Pregnancy and giving birth is an incredible journey but it can also be quite scary and stressful.  I know how anxious it can be when there is so much contradicting information about what’s best for you and what to expect.

My focus is you and YOUR situation. I provide tailored, non-judgemental support, specialising in emotional and mental well-being. Using counselling & coaching skills, as well as my knowledge as an antenatal teacher, and experience as a doula, you’ll be supported throughout your pregnancy so you can feel confident and in control.


Are you confused about your choices? Feeling anxious about birth or life after? Worried about what to expect?

Pregnancy SOS will help you get clearer and calmer.  You’ll be able to pause and talk things through in a safe space to work towards positively managing your pregnancy and the stresses that come along with it.

Whether it’s understanding how your body works, talking about your birth choices or managing your anxiety, you’ll get the support you need. You’ll be listened to and given non-judgemental guidance so you can feel more confident and look forward to meeting your baby.

Your session can be done either over the phone or via video-call (evenings and weekends available) and includes ongoing message/email support for 7 days after.

Investment – £39 (60 min)

Her knowledge of aromatherapy and hypnobirthing was so helpful and allowed me to have a pain free, drug free home birth!” Amazing mum of 1


How many parents REALLY prepare for having a baby? I don’t mean the cot, clothes and bottles but your recovery, health and mindset.

Postpartum Planning will help you to feel prepared for different areas of your life which normally get forgotten. It can help to reduce your anxieties, manage your mum-guilt and create a plan that works for you and your family.

I’ll spend 90 mins with you (and your partner) talking about the importance of the Fourth Trimester & Postpartum Care. We’ll then explore how you’d like to transition after coming home, and put a strategy and support network in place so you feel confident with the changes to come. It will also help partner’s to understand their roles and openly talk about the support you’ll need.

The session can be done either over the phone or via video-call (evenings and weekends available) and includes a PDF Postpartum Planning template. Investment – £57 (90 mins)

Pregnancy Anxiety ➡ Pregnancy Calm

Finding pregnancy difficult and overwhelming? Feeling stressed and anxious about birth? Have a history of depression or anxiety?

Pregnancy Anxiety ➡ Pregnancy Calm will help you to feel supported and confident in your pregnancy and the choices you make.  You’ll learn effective techniques to manage your anxiety, make choices that are right for you and improve your mindset. So you’re ready to meet your little one.

You’ll get continuous non-judgemental support and tailored sessions according to you and your situation, so you can feel calm throughout and be prepared for your big day.

Pregnancy Anxiety ➡ Pregnancy Calm can start from 12 weeks and includes an initial 90 min session followed by 5 x 60 min sessions. Initial consultations (20 min) are available and sessions are delivered either over the phone or via video-call (evenings and weekends available).  Investment – £239

If you’re feeling worried or unsure about what to expect, Manisha is the person to go to! She is passionate, knowledgeable and calm.” Incredible, first-time, single mum