Holidays and pregnancy anxiety | Nurturing Mama

Worrying about how you’ll cope during the holidays???

I’ve been there… A day that is supposed to be filled with happiness and joy, is actually filled with loneliness and anxiety. Pregnancy and having a baby isn’t easy, especially if you’re struggling with your physical, emotional or mental health.

I remember for 3 years how I couldn’t enjoy Eid because I was sooo drained during my pregnancy, recovery and from my chronic migraines. Not only that but how much guilt I felt because I couldn’t give my boys the day everyone else will have. They got the presents but they didn’t get mummy. I was exhausted, and for me it was just another day fighting pain.

So for those of you who are celebrating Christmas and are struggling, whether it’s exhaustion, anxiety, PND or anything else – I get it!

Here are a few tips to help you get through the holidays:

1. Be kind to yourself – whatever it is your going through, it’s real – so don’t be hard on yourself

2. Don’t compare yourself to others – this will only make you feel worse

3. Talk to your loved ones – whether it’s your husband, mum or sister, talk to them so they can help you through the day

4. Remember it’s only temporary – this won’t last forever and you will get better, knowing its just a phase in your life rather than your life itself will help you to not feel so down. There are ways to manage it!

5. Know your kids love you no matter what – they don’t love what you buy them or what you do for them – they love you 

Happy holidays 🙂 

P.s. If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed with the idea of celebrating or wandering ‘how am I going to get through the holidays’, send me a message and let’s work out a way to make it better.