Birth Fear ➡ Birth Calm

Anxious or terrified about birth? Don’t know what to expect? Had a previous traumatic experience?

Birth is an incredible experience but the thought of it can be also be filled with stress, anxiety and fear. Especially if this is your first baby or you’ve had a difficult or traumatic experience.

It’s important that you feel calm, confident and empowered (yes, it’s possible!)

The Birth Fear ➡ Birth Calm Course will give you the knowledge, techniques and support to do just that.

By the end of the course you’ll understand how your mind and body work during birth and learn how to breathe effectively to help stay calm and reduce pain. You’ll also be able to use hypnobirthing to release fear as well as explore your birth partner’s role so they can support you throughout.

This course is all about educating you’re confident in making choices that are right for and feel in control wherever this birth takes you.

What should I expect?

You’ll learn about how birth REALLY works including the pelvic floor & muscles, birth hormones, stages of labour, birth positions, birth partner’s role, and your baby’s adjustment to their new world.

When you’ve completed the online course, we’ll arrange your 2 private coaching sessions (3 hours each) where you’ll learn effective hypnobirthing, breathing techniques, how the birth partner can support you, as well as communicating effectively with your midwives/doctors. I’ll also go through some relaxation scripts with you, as well as practical birth & postpartum planning.

All materials and course notes are included and  you’ll also get ongoing message/email support until your baby has arrived. 

Investment – £239

” Manisha is the best teacher, and really cares about you even after you have finished the course! “ Incredible first-time mum

” Manisha made my husband feel at ease and very much part of the birth plan. Classes were enjoyable which made learning a pleasant experience “ Dedicated first-time mum

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